Trailer for Upcoming Lawline Presentation: Overview of Common Agriculture Contracts

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I am excited to be hosting another webcast for Lawline on July 28th – this time on an overview of common agriculture contracts. This will be especially useful for food and agriculture lawyers or those attorneys interested in getting a broad stroke understanding of various transactions in the agriculture contest. Attorneys can receive Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credits but it’s also open to law students, pre-law students in undergrad, farmers/ranchers, agri-business owners, etc.

[slideshare id=61825081&doc=overviewofcommonagriculturecontracts-5-9-16teaser-overview-160509163733]

I will be talking about 5 main contract areas:

  • Production Contracts
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Leases
  • Special Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements

Finally, I will be closing with some miscellaneous pointers.  For most segments, I will be focusing on real property, animals and farm equipment.  On the “special contracts” section, I will be lightly touching on embryo transfer contracts, custom feeding arrangements, and non-disclosure agreements.  This presentation will give a nice cursory overview of these contracts used in a food and agriculture attorney’s arsenal.

You can register for the live webcast here. If you cannot make the live webcast then make sure to listen into the recording in August.  The benefit of attending the live webcast is that you can ask me questions during the presentation (ahh, the pressure!).  Lawline has a nice library of my food and agriculture lectures here.

p.s. I have become a “Snapchatter”.  You can follow me on Snapchat now and listen to my legal rumblings and follow me along on my fitness journal.  My username is the name handle I use no Twitter and Instagram – @CariRincker. 

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