Watch the Livestream of the American Agri-Women Mid-Year Meeting

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Yesterday, I enjoyed watching the livestream of the American Agri-Women(“AAW”) Mid-Year Meeting in Nebraska City, Nebraska (between Omaha and Lincoln).  Today is the last day of the mid-year meeting.  If you are a member of the agriculture community, I recommend taking some time todayto watch the livestream!  I think it is great that food and agriculture organizations, like AAW, are making video livestreams available.  AAW focuses on policies at the Mid-Year meeting before its annual fly-in to Washington D.C.

Although it cannot replace attending a conference in person, it is a great way to stay tuned into the discussion at the convenience of your home/office.  I encourage other food/ag organization to follow in AAW’s footsteps making information from conferences and meetings available online.

I am a proud member of American Agri-Women and the Founding Member/Past-President of New York Agri-Women.

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