What are Some Changes in Farm Animal Care Laws That Should Take Place at the State and/or Federal Level?

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Last week on #AgChat on Twitter, @RinckerLaw posed this question to the “ag tweeps” during the forum discusssing animal care issues.  You can read what folks on Twitter had to say on this question here.  @CowNutritionist and @rosehartshuh both liked what Ohio did last fall with the creation of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.  @Amsjost believes that every farm should go through a government inspection (@CapitalPress agreed that this would be interesting) while @AgriBlogger believes there are already too many laws in place governing farm animal welfare.  @theSDCowgirl believes that farm animal welfare is best regulated at the state level while @chicknafoxhole didn’t believe that legislators understand farm animal care.  @KMRivard believes there should be species specific regulations on farm animal care for each state.

You can read the full archived discussion here on this question (click here for the complete archived discussion on farm animal care).  So what you do think?  What are some changes in farm animal care laws that should take place at the federal and/or state level?  Should we all follow in Ohio’s footsteps?  In some states, is there a better answer?

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