What Will Be The Biggest Agriculture Policy Issue of 2010?

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I asked my “ag tweeps” on Twitter and this is what they had to say (in 140 characters or less):

@itweetmeat – “Greater food policy legislation.”

@allenlivingston – “I think Cap & Trade will be the biggest #ag policy issue 2010 – far reaching consequences.”

@Fastline – “Animal rights will continue to be huge.  Maybe something more for the dairy folks?”

@LBC_Luke – “I think the biggest issue is climate change leg.  Fewer acres=less food=higher food costs. + we will have 2.3bil more ppl by 2050.”

@ShaunHaney – “I think water is becoming the issue of choice.”

@Brunkow – “I think animal handling and treatment issues and leg. and props brought forth by anti-animal ag groups will be the #1 issue.”

@CowgirlOasis – “I’m not sure it’s the biggest but WATER and Water Rights for irrigation r always big in the Southwest.”

@BASFAgro and @iconicearth– “Probably #biodiversity, #sustainability and #climatechange.”

@laurahk2010 – “connection between #water issues -both quality and quantity – & climate change.  Big implications for #ag I think.”

And here are what the folks in #agchat had to say last week.

So what do you think the biggest agriculture policy issue will be in 2010?

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