When is the Last Time You Visited the National Agricultural Law Center’s Website?

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Last week I recieved this tweet from @NateJaeger, the Director of the Beef, Equine, and Hay & Forage Commodities at the Alabama Farmers Federation

Hey @CariRincker why haven’t you told us about this b4 http://www.nationalaglawcenter.org.  It’s awesome.

I responded to @NateJaeger indicating that the National Agricultural Law Center was a fantastic resource for people and agribusinesses in nearly every segment of the food and agriculture industry. 

In 1987, Congress created the National Agricultural Law Center at the University of Arkansas, School of Law.   It is funded by federal monies through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Agriculture Research Service‘s (“ARS”) National Agricultural Library.  If you haven’t visited the National Agricultural Law Center’s website yet then I encourage you to do so.  It has a myriad of helpful information in its “reading rooms” on a wide variety of topics including: agriculture leases, agritourism, animal feeding operations (“AFOs”), animal identification, animal welfare, aquaculture, biosecurity, business organizations, checkoff programs, Clean Water Act, cooperatives, Country of Origin Labeling (“COOL”), disaster assistance/crop insuranceestate planning, finance and credit, food safety, international agriculture law and organizations, international agriculture trade, labororganic labeling, nutrition, packers and stockyardspesticides, renewable energy, secured transactions, urban agriculture, and water law

You can also follow the Natioinal Agriculture Law Center on Twitter @NatAgLaw.

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