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This has been a tough week for agriculture in the mainstream media.  Not only did this TIME cover story “The Real Cost of Cheap Food” written by Bryan Walsh hit the newsstands but Nicholas Kristof published this editorial article in the New York Times where he argues that the family farm is dead and modern agriculture has taken the “soul” from food.

I cannot help but wonder if either of these two authors have been to their county or state fair…

The mainstream media prints so much misinformation.  I cannot begin to rebut these arguments against agriculture practices comprehensively on this blog, but agriculture today has as much heart and soul as ever.  The camaraderie that exists in this industry among hard working families never ceases to amaze me.  The “family farm” and the American Cowboy are both alive and well in this country.  Farmers and ranchers (no matter the size of their operation) love and care for the land and the animals they raise.

I cannot think of a better place that illuminates the soul and pulse of the agriculture industry than county and state fairs.  I am looking forward to attending the New York State Fair next week and encourage journalists like Kristof or Walsh to join me there to see kids and families working hard and caring for their 4-H animals.

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