YPC: Looking for a Job or Internship in the Beef Industry?

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I am looking forward to attending the 2010 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio from January 27-30th.  NCBA Convention is a great opportunity to learn about advancements in beef research from scientific experts and current trends in agriculture policy that affects the beef industry.  The Trade Show, in particular, is special attraction of NCBA’s Annual Convention with representation from several agribusinesses, breed associations, and agriculture universities.

NCBA’s Young Producers’ Council (“YPC”) is offering a special program this year to its members who are seeking a job in this tough economy.  YPC will be compiling a CD for each of the trade show participants with resumes from YPC members.  If you are interested, please email your resume to Sara Konkel at skonkel@beef.org by December 21, 2009.  If you miss this deadline, please go ahead and bring a hard copy of your resume to the convention and drop it off at the Information Desk.  Anita Graham will be posting resumes each day in the exhibitor’s lounge.

I will be there representing YPC and the New York Beef Producers Association.  San Anton’ is a fun city and I highly recommend attending.  If you make it to the convention, please make sure to come say hello.  I will be tweeting from @CariRincker.

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