3 Co-Parenting Apps That Make Co-Parenting More Manageable in Illinois

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Co-Parenting during the pandemic has become even more difficult due to travel restrictions and other restraints that are necessary to keep your children safe. The good news is that there are many resources available to you that can make co-parenting more manageable in Illinois.

The 3 Co-Parenting Apps Below Will Help You Make Co-Parenting More Seamless

Our Family Wizard App

The “Our Family Wizard App” allows parents to conduct all of their communication on a single platform. This app allows you to view your schedule, expenses and communication all within the app. It has built-in tools to document your parenting time, reimbursement requests, expense and payment tracking, location tagging, and more.

The calendar feature allows you to view parenting schedules. The GPS check-ins help facilitate and verify parenting time. The message board allows you to review messages with your co-parent, children, practitioners and 3rd parties. The best part is that each message is time stamped when it is sent as well as viewed. The time stamp feature is especially handy in determining if your requests or questions are handled in a timely manner.

Talking Parents App

“Talking Parents” is a co-parenting communication app that provides parents with a secure and complete record of all communication. Phone calls are recorded and include transcripts. The shared calendar allows you to plan co-parenting activities and stay organized. A vault storage feature allows you to store your photos, videos and important documents. You can also store private notes in their journal. One of the biggest advantages of the “Talking Parents App” is that messages between co-parents cannot be altered or deleted. This feature is called unalterable records, which also allows you to download and email PDF records that you may find useful for court or mediation.

AppClose App


Currently, the “App Close App” does not have any monthly charges or subscription fees. This co-parenting app allows you to keep all parties that are involved in the co-parenting process all on the same page. Its calendar feature allows you to set up and track your parenting time, communicate requests and allows you to export records for free.

This app also has a messenger feature that allows you to conduct a group chat, communicate confidentially with your attorney and export any communication if needed.

The request feature allows parents to get reimbursed for medical expenses or extra-curricular activities pertaining to co-parenting. It also has a built-in payment system to process these payments. In addition, attaching receipts is a seamless process.

Hopefully these co-parenting apps will make co-parenting more manageable in Illinois and help you stay organized. But if you are still struggling with co-parenting, child custody, or child support, contact Rincker Law today for a confidential consultation at (217) 531-2179.


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  1. It’s great to see an article that focuses on co-parenting apps that can help make the process of co-parenting more manageable in Illinois. Co-parenting can be a challenging task, especially when there is a lack of communication and coordination between parents

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