Learn How to Handle Parenting Disputes with Online Learning in Champaign

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made co-parenting harder than ever. What happens when divorced co-parents have different views of online learning? For instance, it is not unusual for one household to be far more structured than another household. This means that the kids might be accustomed to having breakfast at a certain time so that they are ready to be on …

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3 Co-Parenting Apps That Make Co-Parenting More Manageable in Illinois

Rincker Law Co-Parenting, Family/Matrimonial Law 2 Comments

Co-Parenting during the pandemic has become even more difficult due to travel restrictions and other restraints that are necessary to keep your children safe. The good news is that there are many resources available to you that can make co-parenting more manageable in Illinois. The 3 Co-Parenting Apps Below Will Help You Make Co-Parenting More Seamless Our Family Wizard App …

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