5 Divorce Resources to Help You with Your Divorce in Champaign

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Getting divorced can be quite overwhelming and stressful. One way to ease the stress of divorce is to utilize available apps and resources that can help make the divorce process a bit more organized and streamlined. Below are a couple of resources that may help you with your divorce in Champaign.


This is a great resource that allows all parties that are involved in the divorce process (spouses, attorneys, financial advisors) to access the same case data, reports, and documents and to collaborate online. Another great feature is that it can sync to bank and credit card accounts to generate asset and expense reports.


After a divorce, many people are wondering what to do with the jewelry that their spouse had given them during their marriage. Worthy is an online platform that provides people the ability to sell their jewelry to over 740 buyers during a 2-day auction. This platform partners with the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemology Institute that provides a grade of the jewelry to provide an estimate of the price. In return for providing the sale of the jewelry, Worthy may charge a commission ranging from 5% to 20% depending on the value of the transaction.


Coparenter is an app that helps parents avoid conflict by allowing parents to send a secure, non-trackable notification to the other parent when they are picking up or dropping off their children. Requests to the other parent can also be made directly in the app in case you need to change visitation plans or schedules.


SupportPay is an app that allows you to manage, track and pay child support and alimony as well as share expenses and make payments. You can use it to store all your receipts and receive payments in 3-7 days. This app automates the entire process and you can simply take a picture of your receipt and the data is automatically populated into the expense category.


The Mend app may help people recover from the painful ending of their relationship. When you initially sign up for the app, it will ask you to indicate the reason for your relationship ending so it can determine the best guidance to provide you based on your unique situation.

Are You Considering Divorce in Champaign?

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