Hear Cari Rincker’s Interview with Pace Law School

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What was your path to law school? Did you always want to be a lawyer? When I was a very little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer but the truth was, I didn’t know many lawyers and I didn’t understand what they did. It wasn’t until I lived in Washington D.C. and interned in Capitol Hill in agriculture and …

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Top Reasons Central Illinois Couples Should Consider Divorce Mediation with Rincker Law

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If you find yourself facing the difficult decision of divorce, know that you are not alone. At Rincker Law, we understand that this is a challenging time for you and your family. We are here to offer you a solution that can help ease the process and pave the way for a more amicable separation. Divorce mediation, whether in-person at …

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Illinois Matrimonial and Family Law: Post-Secondary Educational Expenses

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Did you know that students with divorced parents in Illinois may be entitled to court ordered assistance with educational expenses by both parents? If you’re former spouse isn’t paying their fair share, read on to learn more about getting your child the help they need. How much support will a court order? Illinois courts have significant discretion to set the …

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How to Prepare for a Virtual Financial Mediation in Champaign

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Over the last year or two, people in every walk of life have grown accustomed to holding important meetings in the virtual environment. This is true for legal proceedings as well. Mediators are now adept at facilitating negotiations in the virtual world. However, the parties who are engaged in the negotiations don’t necessarily have as much experience. When it comes …

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A Champaign Mediation Lawyer Explains the Benefits of Mediation Before Divorce

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If you are thinking of getting divorced, then you have probably realized that there are so many important matters to attend to. If you have children, then that is on the top of your list of issues to sort through prior to the divorce.  There is allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, and parenting time schedules. What Are Some Benefits …

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A Champaign Mediator Explains How Mediation Can Help with Child Support

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Child support and custody issues are the most common issues to be fought about in family court. Disagreements about either of these issues can prolong divorce proceedings, interrupt visitation rights, and cause hardships for all sides of the issue. Child support and custody issues are emotionally charged subjects. While this is understandable to a point, this often leads to extensive …

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A Champaign Mediation Attorney Explains Why Mediation is Beneficial for Child Support

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Going through a divorce is never easy, but when you have children with your spouse, the situation only gets more difficult to handle.  A Champaign mediation attorney shares some reasons why mediation can be helpful for child support. It is Less Time Consuming Mediation fosters an environment where parties come together to come to an amicable solution for all.  Because …

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A New York Divorce Mediator Explains How to Prepare for Virtual Mediation in New York

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The pandemic has prompted an increase in virtual mediations all over.  Learn how you can be prepared for your next virtual mediation in New York. Ask the Right Questions If you are unclear about the divorce mediation process, make sure you ask your New York divorce mediator to go over what you can expect and what the timelines are.  It …

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How to Prepare for a Virtual Mediation in Illinois

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There has been a significant increase in using virtual meetings for mediation. Virtual meetings can allow all the parties to meet in a timely manner without having to travel long distances or wait for times when everyone can be in the area at the same time. Virtual meetings work just as well as in-person meetings and can help the divorce …

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How Mediation Can Help You with Division of Assets in Champaign

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When couples decide to separate, the division of assets frequently is one of the most highly contested issues. Feelings run high, and it’s not unusual for one or both former partners to dig in their heels. Why Mediation is a Better Choice? What’s the best way to end a stalemate over the division of assets in Champaign? Usually, couples that …

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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in Champaign County

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Getting prepared for divorce mediation in Champaign County is always beneficial. When you are ready for the meeting, things will move smoother, and more issues will be solved. There are several things that you can do to make the mediation process simple and be prepared for your meeting with your divorce mediation lawyer. Write Down Questions If you have issues …

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A Champaign Divorce Lawyer Shares How to Handle Text Messages in Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

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If you are dealing with the allocation of parental responsibilities in Champaign, it is important to acknowledge that evidence from text messages is critical for your allocation dispute. Plan on documenting and printing text messages so they show when they were sent, received, or even read. In this blog, a Champaign divorce lawyer shares how to handle text messages for …

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