How to Prepare for a Virtual Financial Mediation in Champaign

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Over the last year or two, people in every walk of life have grown accustomed to holding important meetings in the virtual environment. This is true for legal proceedings as well.

Mediators are now adept at facilitating negotiations in the virtual world. However, the parties who are engaged in the negotiations don’t necessarily have as much experience.

When it comes to sensitive subjects like money, it’s critical that the parties be prepared to function in a digital setting. Here are some tips to help you have a successful financial mediation in Champaign.

1. Do a Test Run Before the Mediation

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you need to attend an online meeting now, yet you are unable to connect. It may be a matter of not being familiar with the technology or not having the appropriate setup on your home computer.

Accordingly, it’s vital that you and your attorney do a test run before the mediation. This helps you to anticipate any hiccups on the day of the proceedings. Don’t forget to make certain that your speakers and microphone are in working order.

2. Gather Documentation Well Ahead of Schedule

Agreements are easier to reach in a financial mediation in Champaign when all of the relevant documentation is at hand. Well before the day of the mediation, ensure that all parties have copies of every document that they require. This helps everyone to be ready to go at the appointed time.

3. Dress as You Would for an In-Person Appearance

Although mediation is not a formal court proceeding, most people still dress in business or business-casual attire when they attend an in-person mediation. It’s important that clients dress for a virtual mediation just as they would if they were going to be in a conference room or courtroom. Avoiding visual gaffes keeps things on track and minimizes distractions.

4. Look for Ways to Cut Out Possible Distractions

If you’ll be appearing virtually from your home, try to make the room in which you’re sitting as interruption-free as possible. This may mean turning off or silencing your cell phone unless you’re expecting a call from the mediator or your attorney. Make certain that everyone else in the house knows not to interrupt and try to ensure that you use a minimally distracting background.

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