A New York Divorce Mediator Explains How to Prepare for Virtual Mediation in New York

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The pandemic has prompted an increase in virtual mediations all over.  Learn how you can be prepared for your next virtual mediation in New York.

Ask the Right Questions

If you are unclear about the divorce mediation process, make sure you ask your New York divorce mediator to go over what you can expect and what the timelines are.  It is better to ask your questions up front than to show up unprepared for your mediation.

Don’t Wait Until the Day of the Mediation to Download the Meeting Software

When your divorce mediator sends you a calendar link to accept, make sure you hit “accept” right away because if you do not hit accept, it will not show up on your calendar and you may end up being late for the meeting.  As soon as you have accepted the meeting, the next step is to determine what meeting platform will be used?

If you are not clear on what the platform will be used from your communications with your divorce mediation attorney, make sure you find out in advance.  More than likely, the platform will be Zoom and if it is Zoom, you do need to download the Zoom software to your desktop or laptop to access the meeting.  You will also be provided a link and an id or password to enter the meeting – make sure you put this information in a place that will make it easy for you to access it.

Some other meeting platforms that may be used could be Google meet or Microsoft Teams.

Gather All the Documentation Requested by Your Attorney

Make sure you gather all the required documents for your virtual mediation.  If you are unclear about what these documents are, make sure you request a list from the mediator. If all your documents on paper documents, make sure you scan them to your computer so you can easily email them to the pertinent parties prior to or during your virtual mediation.

Eliminate Distractions

If you have young kids, make sure you get a babysitter or family member to care for them during this time, so that you can focus your attention where it is most needed.

If you have any pets, make sure that they are in another room or that they will not become disruptive during your meeting.

Turn off your phone or put it on vibrate so you are not getting phone calls during your mediation meeting.

The more prepared you are, the better your outcome will be.

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