A Champaign Divorce Mediation Attorney Shares 3 Reasons Why Divorcing Couples Should Mediate

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When a couple decides to separate, it brings up painful, and often conflicting, emotions. This isn’t shocking because divorce tends to be an acrimonious process. Unfortunately, going to court to settle the divorce frequently makes the situation worse. With court hearings, an in-depth discovery process, and perhaps even an expensive and risky trial, letting a judge preside over your divorce …

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6 Divorce Mediation Tips for Successfully Divorcing Your Spouse in Champaign

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You may want to consider divorce mediation if want to avoid a lengthy and expensive divorce. Check out the 6 divorce mediation tips for successfully divorcing your spouse in Champaign. Know the Difference Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that brings together both spouses to come to an agreement. It is designed …

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How to Know if Divorce Mediation is a Good Option for Your Divorce in Champaign

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Divorce mediation also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution is the process for settling divorce disputes without litigation and with the assistance of a neutral third party. It involves working together in a cooperative manner that provides the best possible outcome for both parties. Are you wondering if divorce mediation is a good option for your divorce in Champaign?  There are …

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What you Need to Know About Filing for a Divorce in Champaign Illinois

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Are you considering filing for a divorce in Champaign, Illinois? Here are 8 divorce tips that that may help you plan and file for your divorce. 1) In order to file for divorce, one spouse must live in Illinois for at least 90 days. 2) If both spouses cannot come to a settlement on their own; then a judge will …

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A Champaign Divorce Mediation Attorney Can Help Solve Disputes with Your Spouse

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Despite the friendly and innocuous name, divorce and family law can be complex, and at times cut-throat. Thankfully for all parties involved, an experienced Champaign divorce mediation attorney can unquestionably help to address any legal conflicts and protect the interests of their clients. Family law is a broad area. It involves many different potential disputes, all of which can be …

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