A Champaign Divorce Mediation Attorney Shares 3 Reasons Why Divorcing Couples Should Mediate

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When a couple decides to separate, it brings up painful, and often conflicting, emotions. This isn’t shocking because divorce tends to be an acrimonious process.

Unfortunately, going to court to settle the divorce frequently makes the situation worse. With court hearings, an in-depth discovery process, and perhaps even an expensive and risky trial, letting a judge preside over your divorce may make you angrier and more resentful.

The good news is that you can choose to mediate your divorce instead. If you are interested in a less stressful option to ending your marriage, then contact a Champaign divorce mediation attorney today.

Here are three of the best reasons why it makes sense to mediate a divorce.

1. You Share Children

Divorce is painful for you and your children. Going to court may only exacerbate the situation with a long, drawn-out battle that has one parent pitted against the other for months on end. That’s a lot of psychological and emotional trauma to subject children to, and it’s probably not beneficial for you either.

Working with a Champaign divorce mediation attorney lets your children observe their parents participating in a collaborative process in which both parties compromise to come up with real-world solutions.

2. You’re Ready for Your Marriage to Be Over

Litigating a divorce is a time-consuming process. The courts are over-scheduled as it is, and it could be months, a year or even longer before your divorce is finalized.

However, things are much more streamlined with mediation. You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will work out the details of your separation with a neutral third-party mediator. Once both parties agree to the terms, the paperwork can be submitted to the court, and no trial is necessary.

In most cases, mediation is the perfect answer when you want a swift but fair resolution.

3. You Prefer Privacy

Did you know that all of the pleadings that are filed in contested divorce cases are part of the public record? If anyone really wants to be nosy about the details of your divorce, all they have to do is search through the courthouse records.

That’s why mediation makes sense for people who prefer to keep their private affairs private. Negotiations in mediation are kept confidential so you don’t have to worry about airing your personal business for public consumption.

Wondering if Divorce Mediation is Right for You?

Contact a Champaign Divorce mediation attorney at Rincker Law today at (217) 531-2179 to schedule a confidential consultation.


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