How to Know if Divorce Mediation is a Good Option for Your Divorce in Champaign

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Divorce mediation also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution is the process for settling divorce disputes without litigation and with the assistance of a neutral third party. It involves working together in a cooperative manner that provides the best possible outcome for both parties. Are you wondering if divorce mediation is a good option for your divorce in Champaign?  There are several benefits to divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation Can Save You Time and Money

If you are trying to keep your divorce expenses down, then divorce mediation would be a good option as it is way more cost-effective than going through the litigation process and spending hours in court.

Mediation allows both parties to come to an agreement on terms of the divorce and therefore, the amount of time spent on the divorce and legal fees are substantially reduced.

Divorce Mediation Allows Both Parties to Communicate in a Productive Manner

If you don’t like conflict and stressful conversations, mediation may be the best route to take. Divorce mediation helps divorcing couples learn how to communicate in a productive and respectful manner that puts the best interest of their children first.  The communication techniques that are learned often continue to carry over even after they are divorced.

The outcome of a mediated divorce agreement is that it allows both parties to have more respect for the agreement because they were both a part of the process.

A Settlement is Better Than a Court Trial

Another advantage of mediation is that it usually ends in a settlement of all divorce-related issues. Divorce mediation helps you avoid a court trial or a series of drawn-out hearings.

Whatever is discussed in mediation is confidential and does not go on public record, so it provides a safe environment to come to a resolution.

Be Openminded to Compromise and Negotiate

Divorce mediation may not be right for everyone but if you and your spouse are willing to compromise and negotiate on matters then it can be beneficial. If your spouse is not willing to compromise and not willing to negotiate on any terms, then you may not have a choice but to take things to court.

Remember in divorce mediation you and your spouse are in charge and can control the process but if you choose to a futures dot to mediate then the courts will be will ultimately have the upper hand in what happens.  It is in your benefit to try everything before having to go to court because the court process is going to be way more expensive and stressful than the mediation process

Divorce mediation usually allows for a much quicker divorce versus a long, drawn-out divorce in court. If your goal is to be officially divorced as soon as possible, consult an experienced Champaign divorce mediator.  Contact Rincker Law today to schedule a confidential consultation at (217) 531-2179.


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