A Champaign Mediation Lawyer Explains the Benefits of Mediation Before Divorce

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If you are thinking of getting divorced, then you have probably realized that there are so many important matters to attend to. If you have children, then that is on the top of your list of issues to sort through prior to the divorce.  There is allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, and parenting time schedules.

What Are Some Benefits of Mediation?

One of the biggest benefits of divorce before mediation is that a neutral third-party mediator can help you sort through the difficult matters in a divorce and come to a resolution before the divorce.  This way your divorce is more likely to go more smoothly and be less stressful.

Mediation is a cost-effective way to handle issues that may need to be resolved prior to the divorce.  A Champaign mediator is skilled at helping you negotiate divorce terms in a civil manner.

How Does the Mediation Process Work?

One of the most important elements is that both parties need to agree to be present at the mediation.  Collaboration is also key when it comes to mediation; when both parties work towards the end goal, the outcome will be more favorable for both.

With mediation, both parties also have the option to decide what they want to agree to or not.  It is essential to not agree to something that you are uncomfortable with because it will come back to create problems later in the divorce process.

You should also be aware that divorce mediations are exempt from being admissible as evidence in court; except when a signed mediation agreement in produced in court.  You can also ask your divorce mediator to lay out specific confidentiality terms.

Mediation is a good alternative to court proceedings that can end up being very costly and lead to a prolonged divorce.  If your goal is to your divorce behind you as quickly as possible, then you should consult a mediator to see if mediation is the right option based on your needs.

Times When Mediation May Not Be the Viable Option

Even though mediation is a good option for sorting through divorce issues, it is also important to know it may not always be the right fit for everyone.

If you are not able to locate the other party, then it may be difficult to coordinate mediation.  Also, if there are any allegations of domestic violence, then mediation may not be suitable. Another scenario is if one party refuses to be present at the mediation meetings. If you are worried about the safety of your children and social services are involved, then mediation may not be the right choice.

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