Illinois Matrimonial and Family Law: Post-Secondary Educational Expenses

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Did you know that students with divorced parents in Illinois may be entitled to court ordered assistance with educational expenses by both parents? If you’re former spouse isn’t paying their fair share, read on to learn more about getting your child the help they need. How much support will a court order? Illinois courts have significant discretion to set the …

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Child Support During High Inflation

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In the first quarter of 2022, inflation is up over 8%, the highest since the early 1980s. With this high inflation rate, you are likely paying more for everything for your child – from gas in your car, to diapers and music lessons. Maybe you’re wondering if your child support payments can go up to match your increased costs. Unfortunately, …

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A Champaign Mediator Explains How Mediation Can Help with Child Support

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Child support and custody issues are the most common issues to be fought about in family court. Disagreements about either of these issues can prolong divorce proceedings, interrupt visitation rights, and cause hardships for all sides of the issue. Child support and custody issues are emotionally charged subjects. While this is understandable to a point, this often leads to extensive …

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