A Champaign Mediation Attorney Explains Why Mediation is Beneficial for Child Support

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Going through a divorce is never easy, but when you have children with your spouse, the situation only gets more difficult to handle.  A Champaign mediation attorney shares some reasons why mediation can be helpful for child support. It is Less Time Consuming Mediation fosters an environment where parties come together to come to an amicable solution for all.  Because …

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A Champaign Family Law Attorney Explains How to Tackle Difficult Divorce Topics

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Divorce necessitates frank discussions concerning numerous touchy subjects. It can be difficult for one or both spouses to talk about these things but doing so is essential to make divorce a more constructive process. Negotiations become even tenser when children are involved. For instance, the divorcing couple needs to make critical decisions about the allocation of parental responsibilities, and it …

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