5 Divorce Triggers that Can Lead to Divorce in Champaign

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Oftentimes, it is an “event” that leads to a divorce. The five most common divorce triggers are financial stress, infidelity, lack of communication, domestic violence, and growing apart due to different interests/hobbies.

Financial Stress Can Drive Couples Apart

Across the United States, couples have been finding that their money struggles can cause extreme financial stress that leads to a break-up. “Money is a really big issue in a relationship,” says Chicago-based therapist Deborah Fox. “If you’re not able to work together financially, then it’s really hard to work together as a couple.”

This has become especially true in recent years, as the cost of living continues to rise, the layoffs during the pandemic at an all-time high, and people working more hours with fewer benefits.

The link between money and relationships is so strong that experts say even couples who are doing well financially may split up if they feel their partner doesn’t handle money responsibly.

Infidelity Can Break Trust

When partners are not honest about their feelings and needs, they can become disinterested in the relationship. Lack of communication is a major cause of infidelity because when one partner does not communicate what is important to them and the other partner doesn’t listen to them; it breaks trust and makes it difficult to work through marital problems.

What causes infidelity? There are many factors that contribute to it. But lack of communication is one of the most important factors that contributes to infidelity.

If one spouse doesn’t express themselves to their spouse or if they do and their spouse doesn’t listen, then that can cause them to look outside of their marriage for what is missing in their own marriage.

Lack of Communication

Communication is so important when it comes to marriage and relationships. Lack of communication can definitely trigger a divorce and cause couples to grow apart. Lack of communication in a marriage is a major cause of infidelity.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Break-Up Relationships

Domestic violence and abuse can also break-up relationships. Sometimes, the only reason why the spouse being abused stays so long in this type of relationship is that they don’t see a way out.

Also, abusers can be unpredictable, and it is hard to determine when they might attack them or become very controlling.

It is important to realize that the situation will not get better, and the only way to protect themselves is to get out of the marriage.

Lack of Mutual Interests and Hobbies Breaks Two Individuals Apart

As years pass by in a marriage, couples may drift apart or acquire new interests that are not compatible with their partner.  Some shared interests and hobbies are important to have in a healthy marriage.  If one spouse has to do activities alone because their spouse does not share in their passions or interests, it can cause tension in a marriage.

Couples may stay in this type of marriage for the sake of convenience; however, this can foster resentment in their relationship. It is important to consider if they would have a happier life being divorced and living life on their own terms.

Consider Divorce Mediation if You Are Planning on Getting Divorced in Champaign

If you are looking for a cost-effective divorce option that does not involve litigation, you may want to explore divorce mediation. Contact Rincker Law today at (217) 531-2179 to learn more about how divorce mediation can help you come to a peaceful resolution in your divorce.



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