A Champaign Divorce Mediator Explains What a Global Settlement in Divorce Means

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Divorce is a stressful situation for everyone involved. Emotions run high, and many times the main emotion being experienced is anger. This can lead to divorce negotiations becoming extensive and expensive.

When the disagreements become so intense that the divorce cannot move forward, both sides of the party lose. Therefore, anyone going through a divorce may want to seek the assistance of a Champaign divorce mediator.

A Champaign divorce mediation attorney can help you achieve a global settlement in divorce on both children and financial issues much faster and without all of the emotional trauma that is often associated with divorce negotiations.

What Is a Global Settlement in Divorce?

A global settlement in divorce is a term used in the legal field to describe a complete settlement. In terms of a divorce, a global settlement means that all issues concerning the division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance, child support and allocation of parental responsibilities, and any other issues have been agreed upon.

Once a global settlement in divorce is reached, both parties can approach the court with both a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan, if applicable.

What Can a Champaign Divorce Mediation Attorney Do for Me?

Sometimes a divorce proceeding can become difficult. Neither party can come to an agreement about one or all the issues in the divorce. This impasse can happen for a lot of reasons. Perhaps one party feels as if they are not being treated fairly. One party may feel like the other party is hiding something. Perhaps one party feels as if they are being “punished” in some way.

Whatever the reason for the impasse, both parties are suffering emotionally and financially from the delay. A Champaign divorce mediation attorney can help move the process along by providing an impartial third-party look at the situation and help facilitate settlement discussions.

How a Champaign County Divorce Mediator Can Help

Mediators are trained neutrals that have no allegiance to either side of the issue. They can bring ideas to the process that will help move the process to a global settlement. For many families, using a divorce mediator is the best solution to closing this chapter of their lives for many people.

If you need a Champaign divorce mediation attorney, you are encouraged to call Rincker Law at (217) 531-2179 and schedule an appointment today.


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