A Shelbyville Divorce Mediator Shares 5 Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce

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Have you recently made the decision to get a divorce?  Are you confused about how to proceed with your divorce?  A Shelbyville divorce mediator explains 5 reasons why you may want to mediate your divorce.

When it comes to divorce, you have two options: option one is to litigate your divorce and go to court, and option two is to mediate your divorce.  Your decision will depend on your unique situation, however, if you are on good speaking terms with your spouse, mediation may be a viable option for you.

5 Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce in Shelbyville, Illinois

  • Mediation is way more cost-effective than litigating your divorce: if money is tight and you want to avoid thousands of dollars in legal fees, you may want to consider divorce mediation because it will generally cost you about half of what a litigated divorce would.
  • It is less stressful: because you don’t have to go to court when you mediate your divorce, it is less stressful than a divorce that involves litigation and ongoing disagreements with your spouse.
  • It is quick and gives you more flexibility: mediation is the way to go if you are looking to put your divorce past you as soon as possible and move on with your new life.  Because the divorce mediator will help both parties work through difficult issues and come to the right decisions for their family, it speeds up the process vs. a long-drawn-out court battle.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: if you want to keep your divorce matters private, then divorce mediation is the route to go.  Whatever happens in court is public record and your personal life can become very public.
  • It puts the children first: because both parents will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss what they both want for their children; the outcome will be more favorable for the children.  Because in court, the judge will have the final say, and their vision may not be what your vision is for your children.

There are so many advantages to mediating your divorce. Mediation is also the more peaceful option and because of that, it also provides a much healthier and easier adjustment for your children.

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