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Are You A Fan Of This Blog?

I took this photograph in Idaho at the American Junior Simmental Association Classic.

If you are a fan of this food and agriculture law blog, I would appreciate it if you submit your recommendation to the American Bar Association (“ABA”) here to help the ABA select the Top 100 “Blawgs” for the 2011.  The ABA is currently seeking recommendations for “law blawgs” to include in their survey; subsequently, those blogs will be subject to a vote to select the Top 100.  Put another way, the ABA is seeking to identify blogs to include in the nominations list.  The deadline for submitting recommendations is September 9th.

This blog is including in the ABA Blawg Directory.  I encourage you to review the list and add blogs of interest to your RSS Feed (or even recommend other law “blawgs” in the directory).

"This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is recommended that you speak to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before relying on the information in this blog."

8 Responses to Are You A Fan Of This Blog?

  1. Cari Rincker says:

    Thanks, Jesse! Love reading your blog as well.

  2. I submitted my recommendation for your blawg. Keep up the good work Cari!

  3. Just submitted your blog. Thanks for your work in agriculture.

  4. Cari Rincker says:

    Thank you, Warren – appreciate it.

  5. Kristi Kirk says:

    Happily submitted your blog. It’s a real asset.

  6. Kristi Kirk says:

    Well crap. “Tried to” submitt your blog … a day late and a dollar short… it was closed.

    Next time! :) – Kristi

  7. […] recommendations from my beloved readers, supporters, and “ag tweeps.” So thank you for taking the time to recommend this blog to the ABA Journal.  I hope that you can all see the deeply instilled passion that I have for the […]

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