So What About a Heifer Lease?

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Showing cattle at the Illinois State Fair Circa 1997! Here I am with my brother, Brent Rincker.  We are fighting it out for the Champion Simmental Heifer. I was quite the heifer jock back in the day…

Perhaps you have heard about a bull lease – so what about a heifer lease?  Here are a few suggested terms for a heifer lease:

1. Name and address of owner of the heifer (What is the name on the registration paper, if applicable?)

2. Name and address of the lessee (individual or farm name)

3. Name, date of birth, registration number, or other identifiable information concerning the heifer (like a tattoo number and maybe even a coloring description)

4. Payment terms (monthly, annual, or are they just keeping show premiums) and how payment is to be made (e.g., check, credit card)

5. Responsibility that lessee pay for feed and necessary veterinary care

6. Term of the lease (from what date to what date)

7. Transportation (who is transporting the heifer)

8. Responsibilities of the Lessee (e.g., good management practices, specific feeding program, take her to shows, marketing, breed her)

9. Responsibilities of the lessor

10. No partnership or joint venture clause (i.e., this is a lessor – lessee relationship)

11. Choice of law (especially important if lessor and lessee are from different states)

12. Dispute resolution or forum selection clause (in other words, do you want to use mediation or duke it out at the local courthouse)


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