How to Communicate Effectively via Text Messaging During Your Divorce in Champaign

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It is extremely important to have effective communication during a divorce and the way you communicate with your spouse will impact the outcome of the divorce. Learning how to communicate effectively via text messaging during your divorce in Champaign can save you time and money in the divorce and mediation process.  It can also lead to better results when it comes to cultivating a successful co-parenting relationship.


Text messaging is a better form of communication than phone calls during your divorce because there are records of it, and it doesn’t turn into a situation of he said, she said with no proof.


Follow the Tips Below for Effective Communication via Text During Your Divorce


  • Do not text when you’re feeling emotional: when you are feeling anger, resentment, or hurt it is best to put a pause on the texting until you can calm down and think clearly. When your emotions are running high it’s best to sit down and think about what you’re going to say in a strategic and impactful manner that will render a positive response.


  • Be very clear in your communication: it is easy to take things out of context in a text message. Therefore, it is extremely important to be clear in your messages and be aware of the tone that is conveyed; otherwise, your spouse may take it the wrong way and it can lead to conflict. If you have any doubts about how to respond to your spouse consult your divorce mediation attorney for guidance as they are experienced in conflict resolution and can provide some suggestions for handling a difficult situation.


  • Be cautious of typos and the auto-fill feature. We are in a habit of texting very quickly and then moving on to the next thing; however, when it comes to texting in relation to your divorce or child custody, or child support issues it is best to take it slow and proofread before you hit the send button.


  • Track your text messages: to protect yourself you should track your text messages. There are many apps out there such as Family Docket, Our Family Wizard, and many more that can help you keep track of all of your messages. This is important because if you need to show proof of the messages in relation to your divorce or in court you will have access to provide them. This will streamline your divorce and save you time and money.


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