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I get contacted from time-to-time from those interested in being a food and agriculture lawyer or hanging their own shingle in any area of law.  I wanted to note a book that I recently read titled “The Happy Law Practice.”  I have a few colleagues that were involved with putting this book together including Amy Neiman from A Simplified Life, LLC and Vikram Rajan from Phone Blogger.  The book was compiled with Ann Jenrette-Thomas from Esquire Coaching.

The book is a nice quick read and it delves into a myriad of other areas that are oftentimes overlooked in business of law books:  work-life balance, style/fashion, and health/maintenance.  The longer that I’m in business for myself, the more that I realize that these other areas cannot be forgotten.  I oftentimes use an analogy that my life is like a table — with different aspects makes up the legs of the table.  When one aspect of my life is out of whack (e.g., perhaps I’m working long hours and neglecting physical fitness) then the entire table is off balance.  Recommend the book for my fellow lawyer entrepreneurs.

As a reminder, on the first Friday of every month I host Skype conversations for those interested in learning more about being a food and agriculture law practice. The convo is a 2pm ET and is free of charge. 

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