Legal Webinar Regarding Farm Animal Space

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I cannot take credit for this photo. It was taken by Alex Gibson, who now resides in Australia. These were my chickens when I lived at a farmhouse during graduate school at the University of Illinois.

I want to give a brief shout-out on a webinar presented by Elizabeth Rumley from the National Agricultural Law Center on the “Legal Issues in Animal Agriculture: Regulating Living Space.”  I had an opportunity to hear Elizabeth Rumley present during this online agriculture law class last year and she’s one smart cookie (she’ll be presenting again this year).  You can also read my previous post on the topic.

The webinar is on Thursday, May 10th from 12:00 – 1:00pm and costs $50.00.  You can register here.  Make sure to calendar a quick 45 min. lunch break so you can be back at your desk in time for this webinar on the local food movement with the American Bar Association (moderated by yours truly).

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