Local Food Law CLE at Pace Law School Rescheduled for Spring

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The Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) seminar  at Pace Law School giving a “Survey of Local Food Law” in New York has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2013.  It was originally scheduled for October 29th — the day Hurricane Sandy decided to pay a visit to the East Coast.

I hope that you will plan to attend the adjourned spring date.  If you cannot make it, you may order the recording directly from Pace Law School.  As a reminder, this CLE is open to the general public and highly recommend attendance from New York agriculture producers.  The event will be moderated by Danielle Brown, Esq.  I will be giving a cursory overview of several food and agriculture law topics along with Jason Foscolo, Esq. from Long Island.  We’ll be discussing the following:

(1) Direct marketing (including farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture (“CSAs”));
(2) Food labeling (including the National Organic Program);
(3) Environmental regulations;
(4) Slaughter regulations (including the 1000 Bird Producer Exemption and Article 5-A poultry slaughterhouses);
(5) Product liability;
(6) Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”) exemptions;
(7) Raw milk;
(8) Insurance;
(9) Urban (and suburban) agriculture;
(10) Land use and zoning;
(11) Right to farm; and,
(12) Cottage food operation laws.

To register, please complete this registration form (available on the Events Page) and send to Pace Law School.

I am a proud graduate of Pace Law School.  I received my law degree there along with Certificates in Environmental Law and International Law.  Will be nice to be back on campus next spring to speak about the local food movement and the laws that affect it.

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