Looking for Pro Se Assistance on Your New York Divorce?

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The New York State Unified Court System as a nice instruction guide to help pro se litigants file their divorce papers.  You can find the booklet here.

I am also available on an hourly basis for pro se assistance.  Whether you want to speak about your legal rights or want an attorney to review the final documents before submitting them to court, I am here to help however you need me.  If children are involved or if the equitable distribution is complex, I highly encourage you to speak to a matrimonial lawyer licensed in New York.

For clarification, the word “pro se” is Latin “for himself.”  It means that the litigant is not represented by an attorney in court.  Pro se litigants can still seek assistance from licensed attorneys that do not appear on the record for their behalf.  This is sometimes referred to as “unbundled legal services.”  If an attorney drafts papers, filed in court on a litigant’s behalf, this should be disclosed to the court. For example, if I prepare a divorce settlement agreement, the Stipulation of Settlement will indicate that I drafted the papers as an attorney for one spouse or the other spouse.

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