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I took this photo at a cattle branding near Bozeman, Montana.

I hope all my readers had a nice weekend.  After a tough workout, I was able to catch-up on my NetNewsWire Google Reader feed yesterday over a warm cup of coffee.  I thought the following posts were worth noting:

1.  I have worked as a legal consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (“FAO”) of the United Nations in Rome.  This Twitter interview with Italian family lawyer Tiziano Solignani made me miss my time living in Italy.  I have always had a love for international law and traveling abroad.  Might have to plan a European vacation soon.

2.  I’m happy to hear that the University of New Hampshire, School of Law, will be offering an Agriculture and Food Law Topics survey course.  On a similar note, does your junior high or high school have an agriculture class?  I am a big supporter of agriculture education at the secondary level.  In fact, I think a one-semester survey course should be required for high school students so American consumers can better understand the food, fiber, and biofuel industries.

3.  As I noted in this post, I am a member of the American National Cattlewomen’s (“ANCW”) National Beef Speakers Bureau (“NBSB”).  (Speaking of cattlewomen…).  Members of the NBSB speak to consumers about the beef cattle industry.  I have frequently posted about the need of “agvocacy” on this blog; however, what do you think about this post?  I do think the agriculture community needs to make sure that our goal isn’t to simply “stir the pot” but to add transparency in the food/ag system.

4.  It is so important for families to not be afraid to talk about these important issues.  Please also review this previous post.

5.  Thinking about filing for bankruptcy?  This post notes some differences between Chapter 7 & and Chapter 13.

6.  The date for the Texas A & M University Beef Cattle Short Course is set.  Would love to get back to College Station for a few days…

7.  Are you curious about USDA Rural Home Loans?

8.  The President of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) testified in front of the House Committee on Agriculture regarding pending Free Trade Agreements (“FTAs”) with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

9.  Are you looking for information about the nutrition in your food?  Check out the USDA Agriculture Research Service (“ARS”) National Nutrient Database.

10.  Even though I live in New York City, I still have western style.  I spent the weekend dreaming about these bathtubs for a farm/ranch home.  I also love these handbags.

11.  I’m excited to hear about the growth of community gardens in Camden, New Jersey.  And this post made me hungry.

12.  Looks like we should expect the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (“GIPSA”) final rule this fall.

13.  I really liked this post about working well with your attorney.  A good attorney-client relationship translates to high quality legal services.

14.  Are you considering changing attorneys?

15.  What are your thoughts on rising food prices?

16.  My prayers are with the farms that were affected by tornados this spring.

17.  I just downloaded this application for my iPad.  I’m curious – are many of my readers iPad users?  If so, how are you using it on your farm/ranch or business?

18.  This post has an interview with one of my favorite ag tweeps.

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