Navigating and Balancing the Complexities of Work and Family Life with Amber Miller

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The Billable Mom with Cari Rincker, Episode 8

In this episode of The Billable Mom, Cari Rincker speaks with Amber Miller, a partner at Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam, LLP. Amber helps clients with agricultural and business law matters, specializing in  property rights and real estate, entity formation and corporate law, contract drafting and negotiations, while also assisting clients with federal regulatory compliance and administrative law matters and commercial litigation. 

Tune in to Cari and Amber’s conversation where Amber discusses her journey returning to work after maternity leave, sharing insights on managing the financial pressures and time constraints of legal practice while navigating new motherhood. She emphasizes strategies like block scheduling, prioritization, and self-care to achieve balance amidst the complexities of work and family life. Key takeaways include:

  • Balancing Work and Parenthood: Amber Miller discusses her journey as a lawyer and a mother in Lubbock, Texas, emphasizing the challenges and pressures of managing a legal career while raising children. 
  • Navigating Maternity Leave and Returning to Work: Miller shares her experience transitioning back to work after maternity leave, acknowledging the pressures to perform. 
  • Efficiency and Time Management: Recognizing the demands of legal practice and family life, Miller discusses strategies for staying focused and efficient, such as block scheduling and prioritizing tasks. 
  • Challenges of Working Parenthood: Miller delves into the realities of working parenthood, including the impact of sleep deprivation, managing workload during weekends and evenings, and the need to navigate unexpected disruptions. 
  • Self-Care and Adaptability: Despite the challenges, Miller emphasizes the need for self-care and embracing adaptability in balancing work and family life. 

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The Billable Mom:

Welcome to the Billable Mom podcast, led by attorney Cari Rincker, where we discuss working motherhood, especially geared to professional mothers who are trying to juggle their time. Our time is precious, both at work and at home. We talk about time management, productivity hacks, and the struggles of being a working parent. We’re providing a community where other billable moms are also trying to calm the chaos six minutes at a time. Listen to stories of other working moms, but especially lawyer moms. Navigate the waters balancing career and the ever-present demands of motherhood.

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