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To my beloved readers,

It’s that time of year again when I shamelessly ask for votes.  The American Bar Association (“ABA”) is accepting nominations for its 7th Annual “Blawg” (law blog) 100 list.  In 2011, this blog made the Top 100 Blawg list (whoop!).  In order for me to get on the list, I need my readers to take a moment to nominate this “Food, Farm and Family” Law Blog to the ABA.

To nominate this blog (or any other law blog), please use this form.  You must submit your nomination before August 9th.

The ABA will ask for your name, business, city, and the blog URL –  You can post an example of a favorite blog- my anniversary blogs have a nice summary each year.  The ABA will ask you to say way you like this “blawg” and it’s your decision on whether you are okay with having the comments published (ABA may select 1-2 quotes).  Oh – and if you follow me on Twitter (@CariRincker or @RinckerLaw), you can tell the ABA what makes me “stand out”..

This blog made the ABA Blawg Directory a few years ago.  I suggest checking it out and adding a few of your favorites to your RSS feed.  You can find last year’s Top 100 Blawg list here.

Would greatly appreciate it if you can take a moment to show me some blog and Twitter love!

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