Overview of the National Agriculture Library

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I’m currently conducting a blog series where each week I give an overview of the responsibilities of a government agency regulating our food and agriculture system.  I think it’s a helpful reminder for everyone on just how complex our regulatory system really is.  It’s a game of Who’s Who for government players in the U.S. food and agriculture economy.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) National Agriculture Library (“NAL”) reports to the Under Secretary of Research, Education and Economics.  NAL provides technical information about agriculture research to scientists, educators and farmers.  It is one of the four national libraries in the United States.  NAL has following specialized information centers:

1.  Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (“AFSIC”)

2.  Animal Welfare Information Center (“AWIC”)

3.  Food and Nutrition Information Center (“FNIC”)

4.  Food Safety Information Center (“FSIC”)

5.  National Invasive Species Information Center (“NISIC”)

6.  Rural Information Center (“RIC”)

7.  Water Quality Information Center (“WQIC”)

NAL can be an excellent research source for a myriad of food and agriculture law issues, including helpful links to search regulations, statutes, and pending legislation.

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