Pace Law School: Survey to Food and Agriculture Law

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Exciting news! I will be teaching a 1 credit summer course at Pace Law School, my alum, that will give a cursory overview of the laws regulating the U.S. food and agriculture system. The class will touch on the various practice areas affecting production agriculture and food entrepreneurs including farm programs, disaster assistance, environmental law, financing, right-to-farm, employment/labor law, livestock sales, humane livestock slaughter, farm animal welfare, biotechnology, food safety, and the National Organic Program. This course will also touch upon some policy discussions and trends including sustainability, food labeling, urban/ suburban agriculture, food justice, and local food movement (including the direct marketing of food products such as farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture).

The course will meet on July 1, 2, 3 and 5 for 3 hours each day.  I’ll be using SUSAN A. SCHNEIDER, FOOD, FARMING & SUSTAINABILITY (2010) as my coursebook, along with some of my articles.

Non- Pace students may attend this live course. If you are interested, please email Laura Jensen.

Laura E. Jensen, J.D./LL.M.
Assistant Director of Environmental Law Programs
Pace University School of Law
78 North Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603
Office phone: (914) 422-4693
Fax: (914) 422-4261

For those of you who know me, I’m a very practical person.  My goal is to give the students a very practical overview of the regulatory system of U.S. food and agriculture and useful advice on how to counsel different segments of the industry.

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