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Pace Law School’s Environmental Law Summer Program with Food and Agriculture Law

As I noted in this post, I will be teaching Survey to Food and Agriculture Law this summer from July 1-5, 2013 at Pace University, School of Law. I wanted to give my readers information on the entire environmental law program.  After looking at the entire course schedule, I’m in aw of the great job that my alum has done.  These classes are phenomenal.  Each of the 26 classes are for 1 week (1 credit).

There are 4 tracks:

(1)  Environmental Law – Administrative Law for Environmental Lawyers, Environmental Law Overview, Clean Water Act & Wetlands Law, Clean Air Act & Climate Change, Wildlife Law, Law of Solid & Hazardous Waste, Environmental Risk Assessment & Insurance, Brownfields Redevelopment Field Course

(2)  Energy Law – Basics of Energy Law & Regulatory Structure, Oil, Gas & Fracking Law, Nuclear Energy & Waste Disposal Law, Coal & Mining Law, Solar & Wind Energy Law, Ocean & Hydro Energy Law, Smart Grid, Distributed Generation & Demand Responses, Energy Law Practice, Renewable Energy Field Course

(3) International Environmental Law – International Environmental Law, Brazilian Environmental Law, United Nations Environmental Law Field Course

(4)  Land Use and Natural Resources – Land Use Law Survey, Sustainable Development Law Survey, Land Use & Climate Change Adaptation, Natural Resources Law Survey, Historic & Cultural Preservation, Food & Agriculture Law (taught by yours truly)

This summer schedule has a nice layout on what is taught during each week.  As a reminder, you don’t have to be a student at Pace to take classes in the summer program. You can register for the program here.

Even if my class doesn’t interest you, I encourage my readers to take a class that might be helpful.  For example, I’m very interested in the Solar and Wind Energy Law Class – even though I have worked on solar and wind farm leases and power purchase agreements, everyone can use a nice refresher.  I’m also interested in the class on environmental insurance – something that I recommend to some of my agriculture clients when certain issues arise in a transaction.

While at Pace, I obtained a Certificate in Environmental Law.  I’m very proud to have gone to law school at Pace with its nationally recognized environmental law program.

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