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This photo is from the Illinois State Fair Junior Heifer Show several years ago (I was a ringwoman that day in the photo). This photo is getting me excited for county fair season that is quickly approaching. I'm a big supporter for 4-H and FFA. Hard work teaches kids how to become good people.

Had a nice Saturday afternoon catching up on my RSS Feed.  This is what I found:

What are your thoughts regarding genetic biodiversity in our food system?

The G-20 Agriculture Ministers made an action plan last week to help mitigate hunger & food price volatility around the globe.

Let’s take the Taboo out of end-of-life conversations.  We are all going to die.  A loving family needs to discuss these things.  Are you prepared?  Never too early to start thinking of your estate plan.

I love seeing pictures of agriculture in other parts of the world.

When is the last time you thought about an unexpected disability?

In this digital age, I agree with the power of a handwritten card sent via “snail mail.”

Here is an update on estate tax proposed legislation.

What kind of leader are you?

Here are some thoughts on LLC Operating Agreements.

Check out the top urban farms in New York City.  Rooftop farming isn’t just a U.S. trend.
And have you thought about turning your front yard into a community garden?

Are you thinking about buying or selling a horse abroad?  Read this blog first.  A few years ago I had an international dispute regarding a horse partnership and the issues were preventable had the parties properly memorialized the agreement.

Wishing I was heading to Italy for this conference.  I will just have to settle for going to Little Italy this evening.

Nice blog regarding New York child support in shared parenting arrangements.  I also liked this post regarding “gross (total) income” for child support and spousal maintenance calculations.

I’m off for a run in Central Park.  Have a nice weekend!

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