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I will be moderating a food labeling Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) webinar  for the American Bar Association (“ABA”), General Practice, Solo and Small Firm’s Division’s Agriculture Law Committee titled “Counseling Farmers, Food Entrepreneurs, and Restaurants on Food Labeling Law.”  Faculty members include Dr. Stan Benda, Jason Foscolo, Alan Fowler, Erin Hawley, Leon Letter, Lindsey Peebles, Amy Salberg, and Jean Terranova.  The live webinar will last from 2-4pm ET on Thursday, May 30, 2013.

This food law CLE will cover a myriad of food and alcohol labeling issues affecting food entrepreneurs, restaurants and agriculture producers that sell their products direct to the consumer.  The CLE will give an overview of the regulatory framework at the federal, state and local levels explaining the roles of various government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”). The CLE will also briefly discuss the following:

Labeling of fish, meat, poultry and eggs sold in interstate commerce vs. intrastate commerce (including egg and meat grades);

Labeling of alcoholic beverages sold in interstate commerce vs. intrastate commerce;

Food Allergen Labeling & Consumer Protection Act;

FDA “Front of Package” Labels;

Nutrient Claims;

National Organic Program;

Ambiguous and (oftentimes) misunderstood food labels (e.g., “natural”, “healthy”, “local”, “cage free”, “free range”, “pure”, “fresh squeezed”, “high fiber”, “grass-fed”, “pasture-fed”, “humane);

USDA Process Verified Programs (e.g., Non-Hormone treated Verified Beef Cattle, Anti-Biotic Free Verified Beef Cattle, Naturally Raised);

Marketing Claims including FSIS Animal Raising Claims (e.g., Angus Beef);

Labeling for cottage food operations (i.e., home-based kitchens);

Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMO’s or “GM”);

Labeling for kosher and halal food; and,

Labeling in a restaurant (including nutrient content claims, health claims, dietary guidance, use of undefined terms, and ready-to-eat foods not for immediate consumption).

This two-hour CLE will be comprised of approximately 100 minutes of lecture and 20 minutes of Q & A.  Please stay tuned on information on how to register.  Recordings will be available for purchase from the ABA.

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