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So You Wanna Be An Ag Attorney?

My email has been flooded lately from folks who would like to be an agriculture attorney.  I hope to write an e-book on this topic addressing common questions such as:  (1) applying/choosing a law school, (2) learning about agriculture law, (3) finding connections in the agriculture legal community, (4) different agriculture law careers, (5) building an agriculture law brand and (6) hanging an agriculture law shingle.

That said, I am interested in hearing from my readers on the topics that you would like addressed in the e-book.  If you have thoughts, please post a comment below or email me at

"This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is recommended that you speak to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before relying on the information in this blog."

0 Responses to So You Wanna Be An Ag Attorney?

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Cari,
    I spoke with Jason F. and he mentioned you. Glad to see this post. I already graduated from law school and wish I had known this was a possible avenue for me to pursue. I would love to speak with you and would be very interested in reading your e-book. The above topics seem like perfect subjects to focus on. I look forward to hearing more. Ashley

  2. Heidi says:


    I also spoke with Jason F. and look forward to speaking with you this week. I’d add “how to gain agricultural law related experience” and “how to use and apply past experience and education to an agricultural law career” to your list. Also, are there any directories of ag law attorneys, listed by state or region? Compiling something like that would also be helpful for networking purposes.

    Also, Ashley, I’d love to speak with you about your interest in ag law and your current work. Feel free to get in touch with me (heidi[at]


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