Some NY Ag Liens You Might Not Have Thought About…

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Did you know that New York has the following liens that may affect the food and agriculture industry?

Railway Corporation Lien on Transported Animals for a railway corporation incurring expenses in caring for transported animals under N.Y. Agric. & Mkts § 359.

Artisan’s Lien for a person who makes, repairs or performs work for an article of personal property under N.Y. Lien Law § 180.

Carrier’s Lien for the carrier of goods covered by a bill of lading under NY UCC §§ 7-307, 7-308.

Warehouseman’s Lien for the warehouseman of good covered by a warehouse receipt under NY UCC §§ 7-7-209, 7-211.

Lien of Silk Processor for the person who processes silk into yard goods under NY Lien Law § 185.

Lien for Damages Caused by Inanimate Property for the person whose land is damaged by a good or chattel (including timber or drift logs) under NY Town Law § 323.

Feel smarter, right?  In all seriousness, lien is is state specific and must be strictly complied to in order to be enforced.  Make sure to contact an attorney in your jurisdiction if you have any questions on agriculture liens.

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