Starting a Mobile Food Business?

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I love entrepreneurs, especially food and agriculture entrepreneurs.  I was reading this publication last week and enjoyed its discussion on mobile food businesses, which are taking off in metropolitan areas like New York City.  Mobile food businesses are more than just food trucks– it can include mobile farmers markets, mobile grocery stores, and produce carts.  Mobile food businesses have the ability to bring fresh produce to underserved communities.  (And, I have to admit, food trucks are one of my favorite places to grab lunch in Midtown Manhattan…).

The publication noted this article in titled “Food Trucks 101:  How to Start a Mobile Food Business” that I recommend reviewing.  Although the article gives some helpful advice, I highly encourage anyone considering opening a mobile food business consult with an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction to ensure the business has all the necessary permits and there are no zoning issues or other regulations of concern.

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  1. hi, i am looking to start a food concession trailer business in long island, suffolk/nassau county and wanted to know my limitations and restrictions with the laws.

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