Illinois Family Law: Remedies for Abuse of Allocated Parenting Time

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Going through a divorce is complicated, even more so when children are involved.  Once you have finally arrived at a judicially-mandated order or approved agreement with respect to the custody and visitation rights of each parent, it can be devastating for your ex-spouse to repeatedly violate that order or agreement. In this blog, I discuss the relief available when your …

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Ask Kym: Parenting Time Under Illinois Law with Coronovirus Outbreak

Rincker Law Family/Matrimonial Law Leave a Comment

As you can imagine, this issue has been arising in child custody cases around the country. I have received this question from several clients, like yourself, who are concerned about court ordered parenting time agreements.  While there is no clear law on it since this is an unprecedented global health crisis, I will inform you of the relevant laws in …

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