So What Exactly Is “Big Ag?”

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I spoke last month on sustainability in “Big Agriculture.”  It got me thinking.  What exactly is “Big Agriculture?”  How do we define what is or is not “Big Ag?” And when did it become a bad name? Is it whether a farm is owned by a family or a corporation? 97% of farms are family owned.  What if shareholders of …

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American Agri-Women Speak Out on Food Inc.

Rincker Law Food & Ag Organizations 1 Comment

Big thanks to all of you who participated in the online discussion a few weeks ago on the movie Food Inc.  I still have the discussion available on Google Wave for those of you who just watched the movie and would like to share your views.  I believe that discussing these types of movies and books criticizing modern agriculture is …

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Bryan Walsh Speaks Out On His Article in TIME Magazine

Rincker Law Ag-vocacy, Food & Ag Organizations, Food & Ag Pubs 2 Comments

Over the last week the ag community has been in uproar over Bryan Walsh’s TIME Magazine’s cover story “Getting Real About the High Cost of Cheap Food.”  Many agriculture organizations have been vocal about their disappointment of Walsh’s article including the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) (a radio interview on AgriTalk with Daren Williams from NCBA can be found here) …

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