How to Prepare for a Farm Divorce in Illinois

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A farm divorce in Illinois can be complex and it is best to consult an experienced farm divorce lawyer who has expertise in handling farm divorces. A farm divorce can involve navigating through a lot of factors such as farm equipment, land, valuation of options as well as any other assets related to the farm business. How is Farm Property …

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Episode 34 of Ag Law Today: Contracts in a COVID Era

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Loved this convo with Brianna Schroeder of Janzen Agriculture Law out of Indianapolis.  We talk all things contracts and COVID, concentrating on force majeure clauses.  Be sure to subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss a beat.

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Conversation Starters for Farm and Ranch Estate & Succession Planning Discussions

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I was speaking a few nights a go to a crew of cattlemen about how to start the conversation with family members on estate and succession planning.  I recommended  that if the conversation is particularly challenging to  start to consider hiring a mediator (or even a virtual mediator) who understands agriculture to move  the conversation along; however, what has worked …

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Ag Law Today: Estate Planning While Keeping USDA Federal Farm Programs in Mind

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Excited about this episode of Ag Law Today featuring our very own Stephanie Bradley Fryer, our Texas Of Counsel attorney.  We are talking farm estate planning and its effects on USDA federal farm programs — a combo discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube or iTunes!

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Episode 12 of Ag Law Today: Farm Dissolution

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Not only do we handle actual divorces here at Rincker Law but we also handle business divorces.  Hear me talk farm business dissolutions with Robert Moore on Ag Law Today here. I’m passionate about prenups with marriages and businesses alike.  Hear about the dissolution process and some tips on how to make it go easier.

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Keynote Speech: The Cattle Business Really is a Family Business

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I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker last night to the Knox County Beef Association, a county affiliate of the Illinois Beef Association.  What a crowd they had for their annual meeting — exciting to witness and be a part of.  My keynote focused on family and its importance to the beef industry. You can read it here.

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Estate Planning and the Millennial Mindset

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I was quoted in this publication by the Illinois Soybean Association on estate planning and the millennial mindset.  Check it out and let me know if you agree!

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Ag Law Today Podcast: Grazing Leases (Episode 1)

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I’m very excited to announce that I have my very own podcast!  It’s called “Ag Law Today” and coordinated and published with the help of Purdue University Extension Education.  Its website is here– and you can watch the podcast feed here. Tiffany Dowell Lashmet from Texas A & M University Extension Education is my guest for the premier podcast – …

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An Overview of New York Right to Farm Law

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New York, like most states, has its own “right-to-farm” law.  Unfortunately for neighbors that are complaining of activities that are due to farming, right-to-farm laws serve to protect qualifying farmers and ranchers from nuisance lawsuits filed by individuals who move into a rural area where normal farming operations exist, and who later use nuisance actions to attempt to stop those …

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Overview of Grazing Leases

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A grazing lease is an agreement in which a landowner allows a tenant to graze livestock on the landowner’s property. For parties involved in these types of agreements, it is important to specify terms of the lease, which address the landowner and the grazer’s rights and responsibilities. Any type of contract should have basic terms in the contract, including identification …

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Presentation on Common Agriculture Contacts

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[slideshare id=64362431&doc=overviewofcommonagriculturecontracts-7-25-16-160725160412] I will be going through the above presentation for a live webcast this Thursday at 3:30pm ET via Lawline.  The recording will be available soon after my presentation via Lawline. You can register for the live webcast here. In this presentation, I will be discussing a few of the major contractual issues that affect production agriculture including agriculture production …

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Transcript from Keynote Presentation and Direct Farm Marketing Roundtable

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Last fall, I had the pleasure of giving the Keynote address at the University of Tennessee College of Law’s Agriculture Law & Policy Symposium.  My presentation from my “National Agriculture Law Update” is found here. I was also on a roundtable discussing direct farm marketing.  The presentation materials are found here. Recently, the Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy published …

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