Cari Rincker Featured in the “Women of the ASA” Series in the Register

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I’m very proud of my Simmental roots and incredibly honored to have been featured in the October issue of the Register by the American Simmental Association.  You can find the article on Page 20 of this issue.  It highlights my activities with the American Junior Simmental Association, which played a significant role to my path to success, and what lead …

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6 Considerations for Passing Down a Family Business

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You have spent years building your small business, but have you taken time to consider what will happen to it when you retire, become disabled, or pass away? Although it is often hard to fathom an event that may not occur for many years, it is important to put plans in place in advance. The failure to do so could …

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Keynote Speech: The Cattle Business Really is a Family Business

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I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker last night to the Knox County Beef Association, a county affiliate of the Illinois Beef Association.  What a crowd they had for their annual meeting — exciting to witness and be a part of.  My keynote focused on family and its importance to the beef industry. You can read it here.

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AJSA North Central Regional Classic

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I will be at the American Junior Simmental Association (“AJSA”) North Central Regional Classic today in Springfield, Illinois.  Rincker Law is the business sponsor of the photobooth and I have been working on the opening ceremonies.  If you are there, please come by and say hello.  If you aren’t, then follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!

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Illinois Agriculture Law: Farm Estate and Succession Planning

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This presentation will be given to the Illinois Beef Association this Thursday in Galina, Illinois, at its annual meeting. It discusses the differences between estate planning, succession planning and business planning. Then it delves into the Who, What, When, Where, How and How Much. It too discusses how to have those difficult conversations and using mediation in this process. [slideshare …

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Lawline Presentation on the Veterinary Feed Directive

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I gave a presentation a few weeks ago on the Veterinary Feed Directive via Lawline. You can listen to the video below; however, if you would like to get a copy of my presentation materials (and get CLE credits for you lawyers!) then please register with Lawline here. I break this presentation into 2 parts:  (1) I review the background …

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A Few Considerations For Stocker Cattle Contracts

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A stocker cattle contract is used when a cattle producer wants to hire someone to feed out the progeny through weaning. There are several issues to consider when a cattle producer hires a stocker feeder after the progeny are weaned. Here are just a few considerations for the stocker cattle agreement: • Feed and Nutrition: This section should include pasture quality …

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What Livestock Producers Should Know About the Veterinary Feed Directive

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In June 2015, the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) promulgated the second Veterinary Feed Directive (“VFD”) affecting livestock producers that use medicated feed and water. The final rule became effective in October 2015 transitioning Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) drugs to be VFD through January 1, 2017. This requires veterinarians to have a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (“VCPR”) and use a VFD to prescribe the …

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Livestock Purchase Agreements

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Purchasing livestock can be a complicated process, particularly when it comes to the agreement. Before signing a purchase agreement for livestock, whether commercial or seedstock, there are certain terms that should be included. For commercial livestock purchase agreements, the following terms should be part of agreement: Description of Animals: The type of animal to be purchased and description of the …

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Upcoming Presentation at AALA on Veterinary Feed Directive

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I will be presenting at the American Agriculture Law Association (“AALA”) Annual Educational Symposium, October 6-8, 2016 in Oklahoma City on the Veterinary Feed Directive.  I’m super excited because my presentation will be in the STOCKYARDS on October 6th at 4:00pm.  Can we say Cowgirl Lawyer?  (I will be wearing cowboy boots…) I will be updating the below presentation that …

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Presentation on Common Agriculture Contacts

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[slideshare id=64362431&doc=overviewofcommonagriculturecontracts-7-25-16-160725160412] I will be going through the above presentation for a live webcast this Thursday at 3:30pm ET via Lawline.  The recording will be available soon after my presentation via Lawline. You can register for the live webcast here. In this presentation, I will be discussing a few of the major contractual issues that affect production agriculture including agriculture production …

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Lawline Lecture: Overview of New York Animal Welfare Law

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I gave this Lawline lecture last December on New York farm animal welfare law.  I first talk about animal welfare laws from the national perspective and then move into New York specifically.  I think it helps to see the forest for the trees and better understand where New York fits in nationally with these issues.  I discuss both misdemeanor and …

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