Presentation on Common Agriculture Contacts

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[slideshare id=64362431&doc=overviewofcommonagriculturecontracts-7-25-16-160725160412]

I will be going through the above presentation for a live webcast this Thursday at 3:30pm ET via Lawline.  The recording will be available soon after my presentation via Lawline. You can register for the live webcast here. In this presentation, I will be discussing a few of the major contractual issues that affect production agriculture including agriculture production contracts, purchase agreements (for land, livestock and farm equipment), leases (for land, livestock and farm equipment), special contracts (e.g., custom feeding arrangements, embryo transfer contracts, stocker cattle contracts, non-disclosure agreements) and partnership agreements.

There is Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credits available for most states and both lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome to attend.  Even though the presentation is geared to the lawyer-listener, I really try to keep things as practical as possible.  If you can make the live webcast, I will be available to answer a few questions.

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