Presentation on Common Agriculture Contacts

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[slideshare id=64362431&doc=overviewofcommonagriculturecontracts-7-25-16-160725160412] I will be going through the above presentation for a live webcast this Thursday at 3:30pm ET via Lawline.  The recording will be available soon after my presentation via Lawline. You can register for the live webcast here. In this presentation, I will be discussing a few of the major contractual issues that affect production agriculture including agriculture production …

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Some Thoughts on Bull Leases

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Here are some terms to think about in your bull lease between the bull owner (the lessor) and cattlemen who will be leasing the bull (the lessee): Term: The term of the breeding season should be listed (e.g., March 1 to June 30, July 1 to September 1). Number of Bulls:  Note the number of bulls leased from the lessor …

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