What Livestock Producers Should Know About the Veterinary Feed Directive

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In June 2015, the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) promulgated the second Veterinary Feed Directive (“VFD”) affecting livestock producers that use medicated feed and water. The final rule became effective in October 2015 transitioning Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) drugs to be VFD through January 1, 2017. This requires veterinarians to have a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (“VCPR”) and use a VFD to prescribe the …

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Upcoming Veterinary Feed Directive Presentation at Lawline

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Happy Columbus Day!  I’m back from Oklahoma from the American Agriculture Law Association (“AALA”) Annual Educational Symposium.  Hopefully you followed along with my tweets from the conference with a #AALA16 hashtag. If you missed my presentation on the Veterinary Feed Directive (“VFD”) last week in Oklahoma then I have good news for you.  I will be giving a webinar on …

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Oklahoma Bound this Week- Hear Me Speak in a Feedyard!

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Exciting week ahead!  I will be heading to Oklahoma City, OK this week for the American Agriculture Law Association (“AALA”) Annual Agriculture Law Educational Symposium.  I will be presenting this Thursday in the feedyard on the Veterinary Feed Directive (I think I should wear cowgirl boots, right? Like a true cowgirl lawyer…). If you’re at AALA, I’m looking forward to seeing …

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Laws Regulating Antibiotics in Livestock

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I am presenting tonight at the Association of the Bar for the City of New York on the laws regulating antibiotics in livestock used for meat and dairy before the Animal Law and Health Law Committees.  During my presentation, I will also discuss the positions of stakeholders in the industry such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Pork Producers, …

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Overview of USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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I’m currently conducting a blog series where each week I give a brief overview of the responsibilities of a government agency regulating our food and agriculture system.  I think it’s a helpful reminder for everyone on just how complex our regulatory system really is.  It’s a game of Who’s Who for government players in the U.S. food and agriculture economy. …

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NY Ag/Equine Lien: Lien of Bailee of Animals

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Under Section 183 of NY Lien Law, any veterinarian who renders the treatment or boards any dog, cat, or other domestic animal or person keeping a livery stable, boarding stable or pasturing animals has a lien over the animal and any equipment kept and stored in conjunction with the animal such as a “wagon, truck, cart, carriage, vehicle or harness”.  …

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Seeking Consumer Groups in NYC Interested In Learning More About Beef Industry

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As I noted last winter, I am on the National Beef Speakers Bureau for American National Cattlewomen Inc. (“ANCW”).  I am available to speak to interested consumers in metropolitan New York City and surrounding areas about the beef cattle industry. If you are interested, please contact me at cari@rinckerlaw.com or (212) 427-2049. On another note, I am also available to …

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