Conversation Starters for Farm and Ranch Estate & Succession Planning Discussions

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I was speaking a few nights a go to a crew of cattlemen about how to start the conversation with family members on estate and succession planning.  I recommended  that if the conversation is particularly challenging to  start to consider hiring a mediator (or even a virtual mediator) who understands agriculture to move  the conversation along; however, what has worked …

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Ag Law Today: Estate Planning While Keeping USDA Federal Farm Programs in Mind

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Excited about this episode of Ag Law Today featuring our very own Stephanie Bradley Fryer, our Texas Of Counsel attorney.  We are talking farm estate planning and its effects on USDA federal farm programs — a combo discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube or iTunes!

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Episode 15: Farm Estate Planning with Pat Dillon

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I feel blessed to talk about any ag law topics with Pat Dillon, much less such an important topic as farm estate planning.  He is oh-so-practical.  You can listen to our conversation here. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes or YouTube so you don’t miss a beat… #kthanksbye

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