Episode 50 of Ag Law Today: Agriculture Mass Torts and Class Action

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Happy Holidays!  Hope this episode of Ag Law Today finds you and your family well.  Episode 50 is a great convo with Josh Rohrscheib and Zach Andersen talking mass torts in agriculture – a very important topic that I think is oftentimes overlooked.

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Ask Cari: What Laws Affect Agriculture and Livestock Photographers / Videographers?

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Here is a presentation that I did on the topic for an upcoming lecture at Purdue on the topic: Laws that Apply to Agriculture Photographers and Videographers from Cari Rincker

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Episode 21 of Ag Law Today: Financial Issues Affecting Farmers

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Loved this interview featuring Pat Dillon of Dillon Law, PC on financial issues affecting farmers.  Pat is an Iowa ag lawyer who is chalk full of practical advice.  Listen to this podcast here.

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Ag Law Today: Estate Planning While Keeping USDA Federal Farm Programs in Mind

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Excited about this episode of Ag Law Today featuring our very own Stephanie Bradley Fryer, our Texas Of Counsel attorney.  We are talking farm estate planning and its effects on USDA federal farm programs — a combo discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube or iTunes!

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Episode #2 of Ag Law Today: Employment Contracts

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Podcast #2 of “Ag Law Today” is now live!  Listen to MMA Lawyer, David Fish, talk about employment law contracts.  David had a great common sense approach to life and business.  Hear his words of wisdom here.

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