Episode 21 of Ag Law Today: Financial Issues Affecting Farmers

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Loved this interview featuring Pat Dillon of Dillon Law, PC on financial issues affecting farmers.  Pat is an Iowa ag lawyer who is chalk full of practical advice.  Listen to this podcast here.

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Upcoming Agriculture Law CLE on 1031 Exchanges

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As I noted in this post, I will be moderating a Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) webinar on May 29th at 2pm ET for the American Bar Association (“ABA”) General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division (“GP Solo”) Agriculture Law Committee on 1031 Exchanges.  (Whew- that’s a mouthful).  Members of the American Agriculture Law Association (“AALA”) can attended at the ABA …

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Ask Cari: What are the Common Mistakes Farmers Make When Creating Their Estate Plans

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I was asked this question by a farm journalist.  My response is below. Mistake #1:  Believing that having a Last Will and Testament is an “estate plan.” Many people think that “estate planning” is really just hiring a lawyer to draft a Last Will and Testament; however, it’s more complicated than that.  A good estate planning attorney will have you …

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Employment and Labor Law for Farms and Ranches

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I’m super excited for this upcoming webinar that I’m moderating next week on employment and labor law for farms and ranches.  The faculty have put together outstanding materials for the attendees.  The webinar is open to the general public.  Lawyers will be able to obtain CLE credit.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to register to reserve …

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In 2013, Improve the “Default” Estate Plan for your Family Farm

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I make no secret on this blog about my passion for farm estate and succession planning.  It is oftentimes pushed aside to be dealt with later.  I wanted to note that I was interviewed by Farm Journal in this article regarding the improvement of the “default” estate planning for the family farm.  I suggest that my readers look into the …

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Harvard’s Food Law & Policy Career Guide

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Big thanks to Jean Terranova (@JeanTerranova for you Twitter folks) for sending me the Food Law and Policy Career Guide by the Harvard Food Law & Policy Clinic and Harvard Food Law Society.  I think it’s an excellent resource for folks interested in a career in food & agriculture law. The guide briefly notes areas of concentration including agriculture, biotechnology/GMOs, …

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Will be Presenting at the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit

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I will be speaking at the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance (“AAA”) Stakeholders Summit next month in Washington, D.C. on livestock animal welfare law.  More specifically, I will be presenting on May 3rd  during the “Legal Workshop” part of the program. The title of the presentation is “When Activists Come Calling – Know Your Rights.”  I will give an overview of …

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New Jersey Civil Roster of Mediators

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I was recently approved as a R. 1:40 qualified mediator for the New Jersey Superior Court’s Civil, General Equity and Probate Cases and Civil Presumptive Mediation Program.  You can find my profile on the Roster here. I believe that mediation is a great alternative to litigation providing an effective means to reach an amicable solution.  I am also available for …

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Arguments Over Fencelines? Law of Adverse Possession

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Sometimes farms and ranches may have fencelines up for generations and then one day a land survey will tell a different story.  An article by Jay Girvin in the July 18, 2011 issue of Country Folks reminded me about this potential issue affecting the agriculture community.  In these cases, the law of adverse possession applies.  This is a common law …

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“The Times They Are A Changin'” – But Is Your Employee Handbook Keeping Up?

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In the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin.’”  But I wonder if farms, ranches and agri-businesses are keeping up with the changing times.  I recently read Don Tyler’s article in this month’s issue of the Feedlot magazine titled “Are Activists Courting Your Employees?” Let’s face reality — livestock operations should be concerned of the possibility that animal …

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Proposed Rule for Animal Disease Traceability

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Last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (“APHIS”) issued the long-awaited proposed rule on Traceability for Livestock Moving Interstate. The new proposed system will replace the National Animal Identification System (“NAIS”) and will be primarily managed at the state level.  The USDA is currently seeking comments on the proposed rule for Animal Disease Traceability. …

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Next on the Bookshelf: Animal Factory

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Animal Factory by David Kirby has been sitting on my Manhattan bookshelf for a few weeks.  The weather is so nice in New York City now that I am yearning for some time in Central Park with a book.  As the title suggests, the book is about “factory farming” and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (“CAFO’s”).  As I have noted previously …

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